Monday, June 13, 2011

Seagull live at the Grace Darling, 11.6.2011.

Chris Bolton has been playing as Seagull for quite a while now, and every single time I've seen him play he has played a completely different set in a completely different way. This was recorded at the Grace Darling using the desk's USB out- it's just a USB version of whats coming out of the speakers, so these two songs actually came out surprisingly well I reckon... I think he's a bit of a genius. In fact, if you know me and you like music, I would be disappointed in you if you didn't listen to these.

Sarah Chadwick (Batrider) live at Bar Open

Batrider have been doing summersaults back in Adelaide since about this time last year, but Sarah came to Melbourne and did this cool solo show at Bar Open. Sarah is one of my all time favourite people, and it was super to see her play such a low key show. It's not cheerful but it is amazing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen's Floor live at the Worker's Club

This is the first time I've ever made a multi-track recording and synchronised it to video myself. Anyway, a great Brisbane band, Kitchen's Floor.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kirin J Callinan live at Red Rattler, 9/4/2011

Kirin J Callinan plays live at Red Rattler, Sydney. Despite the number of photographers present during this set I can't seem to find a single picture posted online... This show also included an impromptu appearance by Jonathan Edmonds of Pets with Pets on drums in the last song.

He's pretty awesome, you can listen to the set here:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aa (Big A little a) live at the Worker's Club

Some of New York's odder experimentarialists, Aa are your every-man deconstruction workers/geniuses of pop, hard at work without hard hats. Here is their live set from the Worker's Club, along with some photo's from the show, and also some more from the following night's outstanding headline set at Sugar Mountain Festival at the Forum.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pets with Pets live at Red Rattler, Sydney (9/4/2011)

We drove overnight from Melbourne to Sydney for the Love Connection/Pets with Pets joint 7" launch of their Home on the Wave collaboration. This is a video of the approach into Sydney at dawn with a recording of Pets playing later that night.

And here's a couple of other tracks from the show:

Full Ugly (live at the Tote, 27.1.2011)

Full Ugly live at the Tote. recorded off the groups on the Presonus. I had some pictures, but shortly after this show my Mac had a little spin out, and made this face. The face of Mac Death.

The face of a Dead Book Pro.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Zu at Yah Yah's, 3.7.2010

So a about six months ago I noticed one of these knocking around work, bought ages ago but never even taken out of the box. It's a simple audio interface you can plug your iPhone straight into for kind-of-useful two track recording. I used it to record a duplicate of the main outs on the desk... either way it gives you heaps of control over the gain structure of what you might want to record to two track on your phone.

Stacey from super cool Adelaide band Terrible Truths filmed and synced this little clip of NO ZU.

The Ancients at the Workers, 19.12.2010

The Ancients at the Workers Club, 19.12.2010 by Horiscopic

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thee Oh Sees at the Empress Hotel *secret show* December 2009

Thee Oh Sees are from San Francisco and they play slime green detergent flavoured psychedelic garage rock. There are no poker faces here, they're all over 35 and doing it at the dirtiest most basic level. And they are ridiculously good. I mixed the majority of their East Coast Australian dates as they played along side Eddie Current Suppression Ring and sludgy Sydney garage retards Straight Arrows in December 2009, and managed to record some of this show at the Empress with a battered Roland 16 track recorder. This was supposed to be a secret show but we ended up with 298 payers in a bandroom with a 150 capacity on a 40 degree evening....the photos are from the tour.

Scott and Charlene's Wedding at the Worker's club, 19.12.2010

It's been a bad, bad day on the Epping Line...

They're amazing. Have a listen...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rat vs Possum at Meredith Music Festival 2010

I think I must have mixed almost every show Rat vs Possum have ever played, which is a considerable amount, but Meredith has been a highlight for everybody- the most unlikely day dream becomes reality. Video by Woody McDonald.

The Twerps at the Workers Club, 19.12.2010 (with the Ancients and Scott and Charlene's Wedding)

This was my favourite show of 2010 - the Twerps have been recording their album recently, and I've never seen them jangle quite so well together. Altogether an absolutely gorgeous set. Have a listen...

Kikuyu (formerly WigWam) - Hobyah (live at bar open) 20-10-10

Kikuyu, the solo project of former Surly Mermaid Sez Wilks at Bar Open, video by Matt Richards and sound by me.